Sleazy Bar Party
Dallas Push Club
August 3, 2002

  1. Overall costume winners Bill Jones and Delores Smith
  2. Terry Roseborough and Beth Croll having fun
  3. Terry and Beth again
  4. Andrew and Patty
  5. Tom and Gail
  6. Tom and Terri having a good time
  7. Speaking of Terri...
  8. Susan, looking good as always
  9. And one more, Susan again
  10. Diane and Bill dancing together
  11. Diane and Bill relaxing together
  12. Janeen enjoying dancing with Terry Roseborough
  13. Diane dancing with Terry Roseborough.
  14. Tom and Patty
  15. Patty stole Bill's hat and boa
  16. Diane and Gary
  17. Mike C. doing his thang
  18. Pat looking her sleaziest
  19. And Pat Again
  20. Maggie and Louise posing for the camera
  21. Jess and Jan

Here are some photos that Gary sent me. 

  1. Bob, Diane and Bill
  2. Tom Tidwell posing for the camera
  3. Great photo of Gary and friend
  4. Good photo of Bill in his costume
  5. I like this one
  6. Judy, Bill and Nancy
  7. Judy and Dianne
  8. Gary showing his moves
  9. Terri and Tom
  10. Terri
  11. Louise and Ron

  12. Costume demonstration, uh, I mean, Butt Close-Up

  13. Yet, even closer

  14. Diane and Bill and Trophy

  15. Diane and Bill

  16. Patty and Ron

  17. Gary, obviously very happy

  18. Pat, looking very good

  19. Close up of Patty'


Ron Turner