Sleazy Bar Party
Dallas Push Club
May 3, 2003

The first batch is Michaele and Natalie
Winners of the Jill and Jill

  1. Demonstrating proper frame and balance
  2. Kick me
  3. The high five
  4. Proper buttal configuration
  5. A little leg
  6. Having fun
  7. Grind it
  8. And the winners are...
  9. Showing their prizes
  10. What is Steve looking at ?


  1. Terry Rippa and Cheryl
  2. Michaele and Gary
  3. Alicia and Natalie
  4. And another of them dancing
  5. And another pose for the camera
  6. Natalie and T-Rose
  7. Dawn, Terri, Jack & Lisa
  8. The same without Jack
  9. The same with Mike added
  10. Sue
  11. Lisa and Pig Nose
  12. The same having even more fun
  13. Dawn, Bill and Lisa
  14. Lisa, Mike & Sharon
  15. Alicia and Carol
  16. Lee and Carol
  17. Sharon and Cheryl
  18. Peggy and Cheryl
  19. T-Rose and Peggy
  20. Terri and Mary in the Jill and Jill
  21. And again, having fun
  22. And from behind
  23. Terri and Tom dancing
  24. The same posing for the camera
  25. Kerry and Cheryl
  26. Jack and Carolyn
  27. Vicki and friend
  28. Gwynne and friend
  29. Paul, winner of the freakiest, uh, sleaziest man contest
  30. Penn and Carol

Freeman Spencer provides these excellent photos.
* Taken with a digital camera. Pretty good job.

  1. Terri Tidwell on high
  2. Silicon Valley and her 'nosy' escort
  3. More than just another pretty face
  4. Rippa and Helena K.
  5. Same couple
  6. Mike and Michaele looking good
  7. Tom, Michaele and Beatta
  8. Michaele and her red pole
  9. Ter and Terry
  10. Betty G. and Stan H.
  11. Mario, T-Rose and Kristi
  12. Nancy and Tom
  13. Duffy and Louann
  14. Dan H. and Diane W.
  15. Same, with a dip
  16. Natalie and Dan
  17. Natalie having a good time
  18. Steve G. and Amy
  19. Susan C. and Dan
  20. And again need help


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