City Contest
North Texas Dance Federation

Dallas, Texas
July 23, 2005

Tom and Alisha


  1. Novice

  2. Intermediate Novice

  3. Novice Jack and Jill

  4. Intermediate Jack and Jill

  5. Male Pro Am

  6. Female Pro Am

Crowd photos

  1. Gary Long, MC Extraordinaire

  2. Tom Tidwell, DJ El Magnifico

  3. The judges

  4. Look at the talent in this line up

  5. Sara

  6. Brian Kidd

  7. Carol and Gary

  8. Tom S. and Terri

  9. Sara, Michaele and Amanda

  10. Cheryl

  11. Gary and Sherry

  12. Elizabeth and Don

  13. Lovely ladies

  14. Amanda and Tony

  15. Gary and Patty

  16. Carol and Mike

  17. Alisha and Mike

  18. Carolyn

  19. Maggie

  20. Carol and Calvin

  21. Mary, Tom and Marg

  22. Charlie and Carolyn

  23. Kaola and Nancy

  24. Carol and Neils

  25. TRose Mugging for the camera, and Lori

  26. Nancy, Sara, and Rippa posing for the camera

  27. Terri and Bill Caffy

  28. Don and Sherry

  29. Sara, Gary and Carol

  30. Close up analysis of dance numericalization schema

Photos of the dance hall

  1. A cool photo of the hall

  2. Excellent crowd shot

  3. Dancers in motion

  4. Daylight: an early start to the evening

  5. Shot from the stage

  6. The crowd enjoying the competition

Dancers on the floor

  1. Sandra and Robert

  2. Susu and Matthew

  3. David and Valerie

  4. Carol and Neils

  5. David and Sherry

  6. Dave and Maggie

  7. TRose and Carolyn

  8. Alisha and David

  9. Robin and Dave

  10. Joel and Sandra

  11. Rick and Carolyn

  12. Alisha and Tony

  13. Jonathan and Dani

  14. Sherry and Don

  15. Dave and Heather

  16. Charlie and Carolyn

  17. Joan and Bob

  18. Amy and Don

  19. Robert and Valerie

  20. Donna and Robert

Write to me with missing names and better captions

City Contest Winners

Hosted by:

  • Dallas Push Club

  • For Dancers Only

  • Texas Classic

Novice Division

  1. Valerie Phillips & David Collins

  2. Sandra Ballesteros & Joel Gorman

  3. Joan Roffe & Bob Ough

Intermediate Novice Division

  1. Dani Gray & Dave Megaffin

  2. Heather Blue & Dennis Taupo

  3. Carolyn Brice & Charles Neiman

Male Pro-Am Division

  1. Carolyn Brice & Terry Roseborough

  2. Heather Blue & Tom Daniell

  3. Valerie Phillips & Robert Nelson

Female Pro-Am Division

  1. Alisha Turner & Tony Watson

  2. Robin McBride & Dave Megaffin

  3. Robin McBride & Dennis Taupo

A Message from Linda Kuhn

I would just like to add - for those of you that do not know - this was a
"pulling together" of DPC, FDO and TX Classic - the North Texas Dance
Federation.  We join forces to make this contest happen every year..

We need to thank Gary Kuhn for all his hard work - he never even made it up
stairs last night...what would we do without him!

Amy, Miles, Adel, Robert, David, Leslie, Tom, Kerry, Alisha, Lori, Karen,
Mary, Terry Rose., and so many more that I am probably leaving out...thank
you for all the time you spent on our City made it happen...

And to the dancers - we need you.  I heard so many compliments last night.
This was some of the best dancing we have seen in several years.  We thank
YOU!  We hope you had a great time and we want you to help us make next year
even bigger and better.

Linda Kuhn
North Judging Coordinator and sometime (seldom) Overseer!