Don Duncan's Christmas Party - 2003

  1. The castmembers that made it all possible
  2. Big hugs for Diana, chef extraordinaire
  3. Don and Arvella
  4. Don, Debi and Jim
  5. Don and Denise
  6. Don and Dawn
  7. Don and Dani
  8. Don and Linda
  9. Don providing high quality photo ops
  10. Don and Terri
  11. Don dipping Terri
  12. Don and Terri again
  13. Don in a quarterback sandwich
  14. Michaele and Steve practicing the Basic
  15. And again
  16. Tom and Terri posing for the camera
  17. Tom and Terri dancing
  18. Tom and Terri showing their moves
  19. Denise, why we men dance
  20. Here's some Christmassy folks
  21. Michaele and Cheryl in the kitchen
  22. An aerial view of the dance floor
  23. Steve and Tim
  24. Tom, Terri and Dawn
  25. Debi

  26. Mike and Gail

  27. Rick and Gail

  28. Barbara, Michaele, Dani and Vicky in the bath tub

  29. Barbara and Dani in the tub

  30. Four people in the shower

  31. A mighty cute line up of co-eds

  32. Barbara putting on her lipstick

  33. Randy, Sherry, Tom, Terri

  34. Cheryl

  35. Sherry and the grub

  36. The senior staff

  37. I want to sit with these folks

  38. Rick dipping Terri

  39. Tony, Donna, Vickie

  40. Michaele

  41. Dawn and Steve

  42. An aerial view of Vickie

  43. Tony and Vickie

  44. Donna and Brad

  45. Donna, Carol and Lee

  46. Carolyn in the Kitchen

  47. Debbie, David, Dawn, Rick

  48. Renee and Kathy

  49. Terri, Carolyn and Friend

  50. Donna peeking through the crowd

  51. A lovely lady

  52. Three ladies in the bathroom chatting
  53. The piano bench never held so much beauty
  54. The same three laughing
  55. More horsing around

  56. The lady in red
  57. Couple
  58. Couple
  59. Couple
  60. The photographer (Ron) in a group hug
  61. The same group posing

  62. Vicky, Ron and Barbara

  63. Carolyn, Dawn, Ron, Cheryl

  64. Ron horsing around with his fans

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