Don Duncan's
Christmas Party

Don and his friends helped raise gifts and donations for Toys for Tots.
The Marines landed to collect the gifts for the children.

The Marines are toasting the fund raising efforts of the party goers.

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  1. Don and Cheryl
  2. Danielle, Don and Gwen
  3. Gary, Dawn and Don
  4. A great crowd scene
  5. And another
  6. Don dancing with Dani and Barbara
  7. Diana
  8. Lisa, Steve, Vicky, Don and Chester
  9. Dani and Vicky
  10. Sara
  11. The Chocolate Fountain
  12. Star, Chester, Chris Ashley and Friend
  13. Chris Ashley
  14. Rusty and Gary
  15. Lillian and Rusty
  16. Dani in the kitchen
  17. Steve and Alex
  18. Steve, Lori and Alex
  19. Rick and Diane
  20. Rick and Danielle
  21. Sarah, Vicky & Lori working the chocolate
  22. Cathy and Phil
  23. Rick and Steve
  24. Anna and friend
  25. Alex and Cheryl
  26. Sherry, Jasmine and Alex
  27. Shower scene, just like last year
  28. Barbara putting on her lipstick, just like last year
  29. Sherry
  30. Sherry in motion
  31. Maggie
  32. Maggie, Vicky and Sarah
  33. The Marine saluting the funding raising efforts of the group
  34. The Marines posing for the camera
  35. Resting on the couch
  36. Lee, Clarissa and Jan
  37. A good view of the chocolate
  38. Sarah and Vicky
  39. Natalie and John
  40. Barbara and Chris dancing
  41. Gwen and her daughter Danielle
  42. Frank and his fiancÚ of 30 minutes
  43. Friend and Jeannie
  44. Debi and Diane
  45. Friend and Chester
  46. Dani and the Marines
  47. Lisa, Dawn and Friend
  48. Elizabeth and Tony
  49. Sara and Maggie
  50. Jan and Mike
  51. Danielle posing for the camera
  52. Kent and Dawn
  53. Sue
  54. Dani
  55. Diane
  56. Dawn, Ron-Turner and Barbara

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A Message from Don Duncan...

Hi Everyone,
    I wanted to thank the 200+ people that attended my "Toys for Tots" Christmas Party last night.  The Marines said we contributed over 150 toys.  We also raised about $200 in cash as well which will purchase toys for these children.  The Marines will be distributing the toys this coming week to children in the DFW area.  We made many children smile this week.
    It was also very nice to met a lot of new people at the party.  Many of them had never seen swing dancing and are very interested in taking lessons now.  So for the instructors that attended, I hope you will enjoy your new students and teach them well!

    I also want to thank the people who worked very hard to make this party happen.

    Diana Dossey, Dani Gray, Steve/Micheale Giles, Rick McClure, Cheryl Davis, Vicky Sheets, Laura Grobrouski (hope I spelled it right), Doug Duncan, Lisa Smith, Charlene Lister, Kathy Owens, Charlie Cook (the chocolate guy), Ron Turner the photo guy, a.k.a. Thuongboi, and a special thanks for the U.S. Marines that attended.

    Thank you all so much for your help.

    I look forward to seeing all of you at my summer party next year.