Michelle, Amanda, and Susan

Halloween 2003
Dallas Push Club
Sokol Center
Dallas, Texas



  1. The winners: Michelle, Amanda and Susan
  2. Rippa and his new girlfriend
  3. Rippa and Susan posing excessively
  4. Rippa introduces Susan
  5. Rippa introduces Tom
  6. Rippa introduces Terri (Blinky)
  7. Rippa introduces Cheryl and Don
  8. Rippa introduces the Michelle, kinda
  9. Rippa introduces Amanda
  10. I think her name is Deborah
  11. And Deborah again with Friend
  12. Rippa introduces contestant
  13. Rippa introduces Ann and Friend
  14. A great photo of Alex
  15. Wayne and Helena
  16. Cheryl and Michael
  17. Ann and friend again
  18. Rippa introduces Steve/Mohammed
  19. Mohammed and Alex
  20. And again
  21. Amanda and Thomas
  22. Three fat butts: David, Michelle, Betty
  23. Three fat fronts
  24. Susan and Tom
  25. And again
  26. Don and Paige
  27. And again
  28. Don and Sherry
  29. Carolyn, Randy, Sherry
  30. Jasmine and Carol
  31. Ron and Alex
  32. Ron and Alex again
  33. Cheryl and Ron
  34. Ron in his breastplate and dance shoes

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