Christmas Party 2002
Dallas Push Club
Sokol Center
December 7, 2002


  1. Terry and Susan

  2. Terry and Terri

  3. Mary, Terri and Terry

  4. And again

  5. Terri trying to dance with Terry

  6. Terry, Karen Reynolds and friend

  7. Nancy and Sam

  8. Tom and Linda Sloan

  9. And again

  10. Patsy, Gail and Terry Lockwood

  11. Pasty and Niels Skolberg

  12. Patsy

  13. Sherry and Randy

  14. Sherry

  15. Victor, Freeman and Mary

  16. Freeman, Terri and Terry

  17. And again

  18. Terri and Tom

  19. Terri having a good time

  20. Terri and Tom Schipper

  21. Beverly and Tom

  22. Tom and Beverly

  23. Mike and Beverly

  24. Ryan and Lori

  25. Lori looking lovely as always

  26. Michael O and Jill posing for the camera, a good shot !

  27. Michael and Jill again

  28. Pat, Mike, Jill and Michael

  29. Same with more friends

  30. Jill H

  31. Randy, Carol and Lee

  32. Carol, Lee, Susan Perkins and David Culver

  33. Jess and Patsy

  34. Gary and Beverly

  35. Ron and Beverly

  36. Jim W. and his wife Jodi

  37. Steve and Gina

  38. Gina and Jess

  39. Don't know her name, help me out

  40. Mary Davis, taking the money

  41. Lola Weston, Adel Husband, Todd Davidson and Keith Weston

  42. David and Betty

  43. Lisa and Victor Pacheco

  44. Pat Meyer and David Collins

  45. Pat and David again

  46. Gary and Tom looking pensive

  47. Same two, this time with Donna

  48. Terri and Ron

  49. Joe Wright and Paige Mueller

  50. Jim Elphick and Lynn

  51. Terri and Rick McClure showing off

  52. Unknown couple

  53. Jack, Jackie and Friend

  54. Rita Delitta and David

  55. David showing his BIG butt

Please help me with names and captions.
And send me any photos that you want added to the list.

Ron Turner