Steve Mallow's
50th Birthday Party

Steve was born in
 the Paleozoic Period


  1. Steve and Sherry
  2. Steve and friends
  3. Steve and Beverly
  4. Lisa helping Steve tend bar
  5. Steve dancing with Sharon
  6. Steve's sign at the front door
  7. Steve having a good time

Ok, enough Steve.
Here's some other folks that showed up...

  1. Natalie and Sherry
  2. Don and Lana
  3. Beverly and Don
  4. Don and his current lover, Gary
  5. Randy, Sherry, Rick, Cheryl, Don and Beverly
  6. This is a good photo: Dawn and Rick
  7. And another of the same
  8. Lana and Mike
  9. Vicky and Ben
  10. Dancing in the doorway, a good photo
  11. Beverly arriving
  12. Carolyn greeting Beverly
  13. Carl and Carolyn
  14. Lisa, Gary and Brenda
  15. Jack, Donna and Steve
  16. Lisa, Ron, Brenda and friend
  17. Friend, Lisa, Brenda and Rick
  18. Don dancing with Lucy
  19. Sandra
  20. Cheryl
  21. The entertainment and his mother
  22. Carolyn, friend, Lucy, Sharon, Vicky
  23. Ron finally is in a picture with some women in it
  24. And another
  25. Randy, Sherry, Cheryl and friends
  26. Sharon and partner dancing
  27. Mike, Natalie and friend
  28. They're having a good time
  29. Ok, who does this belong to?
  30. A couple of attractive ladies