Sokol Winter Party - January 2005

Finally the photographer gets to be on the splash page. It was the best photo, really....

  1. Birthday Gail gets a massage
  2. Gail, Carol and Rippa
  3. Gail's Birthday Table
  4. Sara, Maggie and Rippa
  5. Spencer and Brian
  6. Artistic photo of Alisha the DJ
  7. Gary and the Girls (and Brian)
  8. Vicky and Rick
  9. Ter, Lisa and Dawn
  10. Sara and Carol

  11. Boyd and Judy
  12. Judy and Sara
  13. TRose and Beata
  14. Joe and Jody
  15. Darryl and Mitzi
  16. Carol and Bill

  17. Maggie
  18. Dawn and Ter
  19. Kerry and Michaele
  20. Nancy and Gary
  21. Sara and Carol, good friends

  22. Linda and Dale
  23. A good photo of Carol Jackson
  24. Sheila and her Dick
  25. Lillian and Maggie
  26. Kerry, Tom, Elizabeth and Tony
  27. Sara, Carol and Rippa

  28. Lee Ann, Gary and Ter
  29. Tom dishing out food for Carol
  30. Diane, Vicky, Michaele and Randy
  31. Nancy and Sam
  32. Susan and Sara
  33. Ron and some cutey pies
  34. Brian and Sharon
  35. Mitzi, Darryl and Andrew
  36. Elizabeth, Alisha, Tony and Kellese
  37. Rippa, Lillian and Friend
  38. Bill, Duffy and Jimmy
  39. Dawn, Rick, Carol and Bill

  40. Patty, David and Cindy
  41. Gary laughing with Patty
  42. Lillian and Friend

  43. Bill, Ter and Steve Giles

  44. Carol and Sara

  45. Jan and Susan

  46. Linda, Dale, Amy, Randy and Susan

  47. Terri and Charlotte

  48. Vicky and Mike

  49. Bill and Diane

  50. Ter, Lisa and Dawn

  51. Carol, Gary and Sara

  52. Gail and Sara

  53. Mike, Donna, Lisa and friend

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