Atomic Bomb




These pictures were taken at Eniwetok Atoll.



I transported atomic bombs in this aircraft, the C 124 c, to depots all over the world and to awaiting aircraft on one occasion, thank God we didn't use them. I transported personnel to Eniwetok and Bikini Atoll in this aircraft, the C 97 g, to witness Abomb test in the late 50's. What a blast.




On Oct. 2nd 1999 Neil Barnett and I went to Midland Tx. to watch AirSho 99.. Great show. While we were waiting for the show to start I met, shook hands, talked too and had my picture taken with,

Paul Tibbets..

A very special thanks to Keith Bahn of Flower Mound Tx. for pointing Tibbets out to me and taking the picture. Thank you Keith, if not for you this entry would not be possible.

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If you have flown either of these Aircraft let me hear from you.