Welcome to Tom Turner's Home Page, I live on 37,000 acre Lake Tawakoni just west of Lake Fork, I have pictures of fishing on Fork, Monticello, Texas coast fishing, trout fishing, pictures and stories of my Air Force days, and pictures and stories about friends and family hope you enjoy and come visit anytime, Tom Turner.

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"Lee surrendered, I didn't"

Welcome to Tom Turner's Bass Fishing home page. I have pictures and stories of Texas bass fishing,
gulf coast fishing, shark fishing, all kinds of fishing. Also have some nice airplane pages from my days in military aviation.
Here's my E-mail address: tom@tomturner.net

  Please visit my Airplane page, there's pictures and stories about flying with Bob Hope, Vice Pres. Richard M. Nixon, Shirly Jones, and many others.. I have 11,000 hours as a Flight Engineer on B25's C47's C54's C97's and C124's and would love to talk to any one that has flight time on these Aircraft..

Fishing Lake Fork  Airplanes Lake Monticello
Fork Fishing Information Party  Time with Tommy Little house by the lake 
The Refrigerator Door Trout Fishing Texas Coast Fishing 
Farm Pond Fishing   Big Sun Fish Fishing Stuff 
Caddo Lake  Becky at Monticello Atomic Bomb
Carol's Family Purtis Creek  State Park Shark fishing, Texas Coast
This is Ron my son       Ron's Mother & I , Circa 1951  My Mother , Circa 1949
And I retired    So did Neil Here's my son's home page.  My buddy, Heinz Zollner
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Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach
him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink
beer all day.

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