My Friend Becky at Lake Monticello


This is Becky showing Vicki how to hold her first Lake Monticello bass. I'm the good looking one supervising. 

Monticello is a power plant lake south of Mt. Pleasant in east Texas. It was one of the first lakes to be stocked with Florida bass. The lake record is over 14 lb's. Titus County has a nice little park there.


This is Vicki holding her first fish. 

Oh my gosh come get this thang


This is Becky under the cap. Boy does she like to fish.. 

( and boy do I like to take her ) 


Now kiss her good-bye and tell her you had a good time.


I'll get out of your way. 

That's a med/hvy rod that's bent over like that.  I don't remember what this one weighed but it was a nice one. 


I'm afraid that Becky will get her boob caught in the reel one of these days. 


This is at the hot water spillway, an excellent place to get you line really stretched. 

Becky I'm not taking your picture any more with that cap pulled over your eyes. 

You'll just have to take my word for it, Becky is a very pretty lady.