Carol's  Family
They treated me like I was part of the family for 13 years, I'll sure miss them.
This is Carol's brother John with wife Joan, and  Justin and Jessica. 
The girls don't look much alike do they. 
Too bad Justin doesn't have a mustache, but he's good looking without one. 
Did you notice J J J J 

John is AKA as "Little Noodle"


Carol's dad, Walter, now this man LOVES to hunt and fish. We are on our way to Lake Fork where he caught his share of the fish. A really nice man.


This is Jenny, I don't remember what she was trying to show me.


Carol's mom Jane. This is where she spent her time while Carol, Walter and I went fishing. She looked like a prune by the time they left. Ha Ha, I love you Jane.


Carol's youngest brother Timmy. aka DWE. Here we are out in Delaware Bay. He has a 19 ft. bay boat,(I think it's 19) He really has a knack for finding fish out in all that water. He takes us out every time we go to Philly. We have a great time.


Take a look at Tim and Lois's little angel, Cassidy


Here's a picture that really Pee'd Lois off


Carol with brothers "dwe" and " noodle"


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