The House that Tom  built


This is how it all started. I planted telephone poles into the clay 18 inches deep, therefore some of them are up to 4 ft into the ground.
I have one acre of land 4 minutes from our boat ramp on 37,000 acre Lake Tawakoni, about 40 miles east of Dallas.   
It is said you learn from your mistakes. Well I am the smartest sucker you have ever seen. I drew it on a paper sack and built it. 
I had a lot of friends before I started the house. They would come out, I would put them to work and they would never come back.   

This is my son, Ron, supervising from the ladder 
(He didn't come back either).

I moved in, in 1990 and  still working on it.   

3,200 sf. under the roof.

dadonporch.jpg (70213 bytes) What few shrubs I had left after 56 days of 100 degree  plus weather July - Sept 1998
My trophies hang on the wall above the kitchen. They are not trophy size now, but they were 30 odd years ago before Florida bass hit Texas. 
Stripper weighs 13 lb., the bass on top is 7.2 lb's. the one on bottom weighs 8.9.  
The bass were caught at Lake Tawakoni in the middle 60s. The stripper caught at Lake Texoma in the late 60s. 
 When I get that 10 lb. plus bass I'll retire these two. However they were big for their time.
livingroom.jpg (73555 bytes) This is how the living room looks today, if you add an entertainment center and an antique table by the door.