PARTY  TIME with my friend Tommy
Jan Williams, This Song is for you and your Mother
The old fuzzy face drunk is Tommy Williams. 

(JAN is Tommy's wife)

My best friend for almost 30 years.


It's hard to just say " thank you " for a job well done, so at the end of the summer I would give my crew and a few friends a party. 

This is only a few of the 50 to 60 people that showed up.


Here is Tommy again. I don't know if this Blimp is helium filled or--- 
Yes I do know, it's "Lite" filled.

Tommy taught me how to worm fish and drink cold beer.


Tommy and Jan's daughter, Lindsay. 
She said for 15 years we were getting married. Can you believe she found some one 46 years younger and dumped me?