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After 23 years in the Aircraft Industry, 10 years in the Motorcycle Bidness and 11 years with the City of Garland, Parks Dept. 



In 1981 when the interest rates when to 21%, like so many other businesses I went broke. I took a 6 mo. vacation and went fishing. A friend of mine said " Tom you need to go to work" I looked at my check book and said " Your right". The City of Garland offered a very good retirement plan, so I went to work for the Parks Dept.  After 6 mo. I was promoted to Asst. Foreman in a Grounds Maintenance section. Five years later I was promoted to Foreman (Field Supervisor) over the Median/Right-of-Ways section. A great job with a fine crew. I miss my crew and talk to them quite often.


I don't know if it was my pleasing personality or they just wanted to get rid of me, but friends from the Parks and other departments gave me a three day Guided fishing trip for two to Lake Guerrero, Mexico when I retired. I was so moved by their generosity, I couldn't say a word, I just cried. What a great bunch of people I worked with. THANK Y'ALL,
Let me hear from you, we'll talk about airplanes, motorcycles, fishing or landscape/grounds maintenance.
It's not my job !!!
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It really wasn't like this, well not all the time.

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At least they moved the Opossum

Byline, Neil Barnett

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