Another year has passed and with Ron's tradition of giving me something special each year he's outdone his self this time. Ron gave me the sweetest daughter-in-law a man could want. Thanks son, I love you both.
This is Ron, my son. He has given me countless hours of enjoyment.The latest being this computer, which he gave me when I retired. With his undying patience he has guided me through the functions of the computer. We spend hours every day on the phone and even so I could never express to him how much I love him and enjoy our time together.

Not only do I enjoy our time together, I'm so proud of his accomplishments I could "just bust". Ron was just recently promoted to Accounting Manager for some rinky-dinky firm called Walt Disney.

I always knew Ronny had class, and he proved it when he picked the music for his page. "Fly Me To The Moon"

Ron is playing his custom made Gibson guitar. He played in a rock band in school high and some in college. He has gotten more mellow through the years and is playing Jazz now..

Ron just keeps on giving, this is my 3rd computer in the last year. This one has all the whistles and bells. Pentium 200 mmx, Windows 98, US Robotic 56K, MSIE 4.0, Adobe Photo Shop, Cute FTP, and a ton more stuff that he'll lose his patience with me before I learn.. Thanks son...
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This is Ron at 3 months.
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My father, Tom Sr. Ron and Debbie at 2weeks
Ron got married and this is his family.. Me, Ron, Connie and Debbie, my daughter
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And of course the in-laws.. Me and Connie's mother JoAnn
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